Teaching and supervision

Enseignement et encadrement



  • Script Languages (bash), 55h eq. tutorial (2021, 2022), 3rd year Bachelor in Miash with Miage option (computer science and engineering for company management), IDMC, Nancy
  • Discourse & Dialogue Modelling tutorial, 9h eq. tutorial (2022, 2023), 2nd year Msc in NLP, IDMC, Nancy
  • Langages de script (bash), 55h eq. TD (2021, 2022), L3 Miash option Miage, IDMC, Nancy
  • TD de Discourse & Dialogue Modelling, 9h eq. TD (2022, 2023), M2 TAL, IDMC, Nancy

* eq. tutorial is a conversion into tutorial hours: 1h lecture = 1.5h tutorial



  • Gwenaelle Leon, June-August 2022, 3rd year of bachelor's internship, Université Paris Cité (Paris, France). Topic: Adding macros in the meta-ACG tool
  • Gwenaelle Leon, juin-aout 2022, Stage de L3, Université Paris Cité. Sujet : Ajout des macros dans l'outil méta-ACG